Media Lingo – A Glossary

We use them in our office everyday without thought for the poor recipient who may be a newbie to it all. To spread the word and promote better understanding of biz speak, we are listing a full glossary. So here is our jargon buster.

Audition/Casting – This is an interview for the shoot. It can be a quick polaroid to a lengthier read through of a scene from a script.

Recall/Call Back – This is a second audition. Your child has been shortlisted. Usually only for bigger roles in TV or Stage. May be required to perform an off book read through.

Pencil/Shortlist/Option – When your child is pencilled it means there is a strong possibility of your child being confirmed. Although not a definite booking the client wants to make sure you are kept available. Comes in two flavours…light pencil and heavy pencil. Heavy is better.

Availability Check –  Does what is says on the tin. Check that you are available while the client is booking in the other people involved in the production of a shoot.

Wardrobe – Reserved for commercial, TV and film jobs when a client needs to make a specific outfit. Certain photographic clients such as Shop Direct also hold fittings when they have a new range of clothes for their catalogue.

Fitting – These do not result in a shoot and are purely for the buyers and executives. Stella McCartney and Fred Perry need to know they are making clothes to the right size!

Shoot – A job. Photographic, Commercial, Modelling assignment or otherwise. The reason you are here.

BSF – Basic Studio Fee. The daily rate. The amount you get paid per day.

Chaperone – An adult to attend the shoot with the child. Usually the child’s parent.

Buyout/Use Fee – An extra fee when a job is outside of usual editorial work. If the advertisement will be displayed in a varying range of mediums around different locations we will negotiate an extra fee for the model. TV Commercial work always pay an additional use fee unless it is already factored in to a higher base rate.

All In – Shoot fee, expenses and Use fee all rolled in to one tidy payment to the child.

ATL – Above The Line, advertising term for media targeting the public without discretion. Billboards, Bus Stops etc.

BTL – Below the Line, advertising that targets subscribed consumers only. Things like newsletters and direct mail.

FMOT – First Moment of Truth. The now legendary phrase popularized by Procter & Gamble ceo A.G. Lafley, who in a 2002 letter to shareholders defined it as the moment “when consumers stand in front of a store shelf … and decide whether to buy a P&G brand, or a competing product.” The phrase has been widely interpreted both as an affirmation for the importance of in-store marketing and as an endorsement for the store as a viable brand-building medium. As such, it has become an oft-quoted battle cry among industry practitioners.

In Perp – Shortened version of in perpetuity. Used synonymously with usage. It means it will be used forever.

Casting Director – The person your child will meet at auditions for live roles. They are responsible for assigning roles in a movie, play, or other production.

License – A performance license applied for by the client and parent issued by the child’s local authority to allow the child to take part in a paid job if they are missing school.

Extra/Walk-on – A background artist. Someone who makes up part of a crowd scene or not featured artist.

Featured Artist – A dominant role in a commercial. The advert would not make sense without this person.

Breakdown – A job brief explaining what a client is looking for. We receive several a day.

Lightbox – An email containing PDF versions of  model cards. Used to suggest models for a breakdown or brief. Also referred to as a shortlist.

Model Card – A set of photos and details of the child compiled into a single page file.

This is not an extensive list but will cover the most frequently used terms by our bookers. If ever in doubt when taking details just make sure to ask for a more detailed explanation!

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