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Pictures are one of the most important things. We need to see the models face and body shot in a clean and professional way.

If you have professional portfolio or studio shots please upload them. A client will prefer to see that your child is happy not just with parents but also with strangers taking their photo.

If you do not have professional photos this simple guide should help you get the most out of your digital camera.

The Set

Photos need to be shot in good light. The background needs to be as clutter-free as you can make it. Standing against a blank wall is perfect. Be near natural soft light settings, direct sunlight may dazzle the photo and make it look blurry. Be on eye level with the model.


If your child has long hair take one shot with it tied back so that we can see their full facial structure and a second shot with  hair out. Like the set, the child must be presented as a clean, uncluttered canvas. Do not make the common mistake of over-dressing. A simple vest and a good pair of jeans are ideal.


In terms of posing, have the child stand up straight with their shoulders back. We prefer a relaxed, neutral expression and also a smiling shot. This gives us a good idea of bone structure and versatility.

The model should stand with their arms casually at their side and body straight, looking directly into the camera. Ensure you take a face close up and full length taken.

Things to Avoid

Friends, family or other people in shot

Blurry unfocused images, the pictures should be sharp enough to show the details

A self photo taken in the mirror

Photos of photos

Face paint


For Babies and Toddlers

Remove dummies or pacifiers

Remove earrings

If your child is accepted onto our books we would recommend they have some professional photos taken. It will greatly increase their chances of success.

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