About Us

Scallywags is a Child Model Agency based in Hoxton, London.

We have been representing babies, children and teenagers for modelling work in advertising, photographic, fashion and television commercials since 1984.

Our clients are advertising agencies, photographers, editorial magazines, fashion and production companies.

Whilst the majority of modeling work is in London you will also find jobs around other UK cities.

Established Since 1984

It was in the mid eighties that Janis Penn, whilst working for an adult model agency was presented with the opportunity to create a child model agency. At that time the main competitors largely represented the ‘chocolate box’ look, typically blonde hair and blue eyed. Janis and a partner from a renowned stage school would go on to fill this niche in the market and create something quite unique. A child model agency that looks after real kids, scrapes, bruises, warts and all. Scallywags Child Model Agency was born…

scallywags plural of scal·a·wag (Noun)
A person who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way.

Staying Ahead of the Trend

In the world of child modelling and more broadly the whole fashion industry it’s a key factor to keep ahead of the norm. When the internet started taking form in the 1990’s Scallywags wasted no time in purchasing our domain, scallywags.co.uk. We became the first child model agency to create a website for child modelling in 1994. While the other child model agencies were struggling with faxing over up to date headshots of their models, Scallywags were able to email clear, high resolution (as high as dial up modems would allow) colour images. This was a real game changer.

In 2004 colour printing became more affordable, with the onset of digital cameras and commercial laser printing. So, we launched the agency model book in colour for the first time. All previous editions since 1984 had been in black and white.

It wasn’t long before our clients started requesting more up to date photos of the children from us as opposed to 6 month old folio shots. Being an agency that listens to our clients we recreated our website to enable the parents of our child models to upload their own images. As more families have access to digital cameras in the form of mobile phones and internet access at home and on the go, the request became a reality. Clients now have job submissions from us with photos of the children taken on that very day.

To this day we continue to improve the technology we offer and 2013 will see a re-launch of our main site including extra features to help the child models and the clients.

At the Heart of our Child Model Agency

Our team of bookers are always sourcing new clients, collaborating with them and assisting them on bookings.

The agency fully manage our child models, from sending them on auditions, confirming shoot details to invoicing clients and paying the models.

If you would like to message us or see what the parents of our child models say head over to our Facebook page.

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