Scallywags is a Child Model Agency based in Hoxton, London.

We have been representing babies, children and teenagers for modelling work in advertising, photographic, fashion and television commercials since 1984.

Our clients are advertising agencies, photographers, editorial magazines, fashion and production companies.

Whilst the majority of modeling work is in London you will also find jobs around other UK cities.

Staying Ahead of the Trend

In the world of child modelling and more broadly the whole fashion industry it’s a key factor to keep ahead of the norm. When the internet started taking form in the 1990′s Scallywags wasted no time in purchasing our domain, We became the first child model agency to create a website for child modelling in 1994.  Scallywags were able to email clear, high resolution (as high as dial up modems would allow) colour images. This was a real game changer.

In 2004 colour printing became more affordable, with the onset of digital cameras and commercial laser printing. So, we launched the agency model book in colour for the first time. All previous editions since 1984 had been in black and white.

It wasn’t long before our clients started requesting more up to date photos of the children from us as opposed to 6 month old folio shots. Being an agency that listens to our clients we recreated our website to enable the parents of our child models to upload their own images. As more families have access to digital cameras in the form of mobile phones and internet access at home and on the go, the request became a reality. Clients now have job submissions from us with photos of the children taken on that very day.

To this day we continue to improve the technology we offer to help the child models and our clients.

At the Heart of our Agency

Our team of bookers are always sourcing new clients, collaborating with them and assisting them on bookings.

The agency fully manage our models, from sending them on auditions, confirming shoot details to invoicing clients and paying the models.


Scallywags plural of scal·a·wag (Noun)


A person who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way.

Is An Agent Really Necessary?

Once you have decided to enter this industry the next step is to decide whether to go it alone or find an agent. The decision depends both on the ambitions of your child and the type of work they will be trying to get.


Modelling jobs for children are almost exclusively to be found through agents. Advertising agencies and photographers are too busy to advertise and hold open castings for every single job. They will either look first at the agency web site or they will go straight to an agent with a description of the type of children they need.

From that description, the agencies will look through their models and draw up a list of children who fit the requirements. The client will then liaise with the agency to arrange times and locations for castings. It would be virtually impossible to find modelling work without having an agent.


Stage schools, local drama groups and youth theatres might provide useful contacts in the business. It is possible that an unknown child will spot an advertisement in The Stage, and will go along to an open audition and land a major role, but agents are invariably the first to find out about such auditions and will ensure that their clients get to meet the producer or director.

Agents will also be the first stop for production companies who are hiring people for extra work in films and television. An agent will be told the number of children that the production company are looking for. If the agent is trusted and has a good relationship with the production company the children will be sent along to work on the day without an audition being required.

Agents have the necessary contacts and provide you with security. Having an agent is the mark of your professional attitude.


Finding the right agency

‘I know my child’s got talent but who can I trust?’

This is an all to familiar question that comes up and it’s not so easy, an agency with a prominent presence online is a great start. It means that they will be found easily by companies who are looking to employ child models or actors!

Here’s some simple checks to make yourself.

Word Of Mouth.

There is nothing better than personal experience. If you know any other mothers whose children are models, then their recommendation of an agency will be something you can trust. Contacting catalogues or magazines and asking them which agencies they use, that way you can be sure if an agency is in the habit of getting children work.

Trust Your Own First Impressions.

When looking at an agencies website or advertising campaign does it look right?

When emailing does your reply come from a business email or a Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail account is there an official email signature, is the advice given well formulated or does it appear to be written off the cuff?

How Long Has The Agency Been In Business?

A well established agency which has been around for a long time will have had time to build up a good reputation and client list.

Find Out What Jobs The Agency Is Involved In.

There are different methods of doing this, contact an agent and ask them about the current jobs or see a job listing online.

The majority of our work can be viewed on our Jobs page, our Facebook page and Pinterest.


Once you have an active membership our bookers will send your child’s profile to clients whenever they match a job brief. To better assist us please use high quality photos and studio shots where available.

Measurements are also quite important, especially as the industry has a very fast turnaround. If our bookers can get your childs profile over to a client first without waiting on new measurements it will greatly increase our chances of securing a booking.

The job board is there so you can see what we are working on. You can help us by being proactive and letting us know what you are available for by clicking the I’m Available button.

Because our bookers make numerous suggestions each day, we can only contact you when your child is booked or if we require more information.

Our first port of call will be to contact you by phone. We recommend you store your mobile number with us. We will usually start sending out emails with details as outgoing calls are being made. If we don’t get through to you we will leave a message and continue to try and reach you.

The auditions are between 4-6pm for school age children and earlier in the day for babies and pre-schoolers. Jobs will mostly be during the day so time out of school is necessary. It is a professional working industry and our clients shoot times reflect that.

Most of these bookings come in with very short notice, usually next day. Being available to attend will obviously increase your child’s chances of success with us.

We would love it if you can make every audition but we realise that parents have work and other commitments. It’s helpful to inform us of holiday dates or other general unavailability. If you can’t make it after you have confirmed please be sure to let us know. This will allow us to replace your child with another and give someone else the opportunity.

We need to get school permission for shoots. Most schools are aware of how the industry is. Unless you land a permanent role in a TV show it will just be the odd day here and there. For permanent roles and touring, private education is always provided. Our bookers will help you through the simple license application process when the occasion arises.

We would love to guarantee all of our little Scallywags work! Our bookers get a great sense of achievement when our kids get booked and are filled with pride whenever they see them on TV or in magazines. However, it’s up to the casting directors, clients and photographers on who is seen and ultimately booked. Taking note of all of the the above will give your child a very high chance of securing work.

First you’ll need to apply, it’s super easy. Just register using your email address and start filling out your childs profile. You will need to have some photos ready to upload for us to assess. Once your child’s profile is complete you click a button to apply. This can be done at any time during the year and your child will be put in a queue for assessment.

Once we receive your online application it will be reviewed by the members of our team. Response time can vary but it shouldn’t be longer than a week. You might hear from us sooner if we are working on a job that your child matches.

We receive an enormous amount of applications and can’t take everyone on, we would not be able to offer that many children a good enough chance of securing auditions and bookings. Our clients also expect to only receive prime candidates from us. For these reasons we can only accept a certain percentage for each age group. If you don’t get in first time please give it a few months before trying again as our circumstances may have changed.

Once you receive an offer of representation from us you will need to become a member.

By becoming a member you will have your child’s profile made active so it can be viewed by our clients.

You will also be able to apply for and leave comments on our job board.

It’s helpful but not essential to live near London. The majority of the work was always in London and a lot still is. Since rent prices for studios have slowly risen more clients have gone for out of town studios. There are other notable media hubs in Manchester and Birmingham.

We take on new borns to teenage models.

The assessment is completed on the photographs submitted at registration. Any further assessments are completed by the client at the time of audition. Our members will be considered for photographic, commercial and live film work.

We are a sole agency. There are some exceptions so please check if you are unsure.