Auditions with a Baby

Going to an audition or having a shoot with your baby for the first time can be quite daunting. How do you prepare? What can you expect? We've asked a mum, whose son has done a photo-shoot for both Joie and Next, how she prepares and what to expect.

1) How do you prepare for an audition?
We tend to try and stick to normal daily routine same as we would at home take what he needs food and drink wise so his day doesn’t change just where we are changes and he seems happy with that.

2) What do you do if Arthur isn’t behaving/getting cranky on set?
If he is tired or grumpy we will let him have a little break but as long as he is being entertained he is easily distracted the less fuss we make of it the better he is.

3) How do you get him to pose/smile for the camera?
To get Arthur to perform for the camera he is quite social so new faces and happy attitude normally works.

4) What kind of things do they ask you to do at a shoot?
Sometimes if the lighting isn’t right it can take a few shots to get the right one and depending on the shoot, whether it is advertising a product or clothes, will depend on what baby has to do. We have had a buggy shoot which was fun, and clothing shoot which was very cute seeing them in the pictures after.

5) What’s yours/Arthur’s favourite part of a shoot?
We love seeing the chosen pictures at the end and Arthur loves being the centre of everyone’s attention so is mostly always happy on a shoot.

6) What tips would you give to a family with an upcoming audition?
Our advice for anyone new to auditions is to keep the same routine for your baby that you would at home, take snacks and drinks and let them nap if they need to (all clients are very understanding of babies needs) and always allow time for parking at your location, and enjoy the day out.

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