What’s a self tape?

Your child has just been asked to send through a self-tape!
But how do you make sure your child’s self-tape stands out amongst all the others being sent through?
Here are some helpful tips to help your child’s self-tape get them that in-person audition!

1) Firstly, make sure that you’re filming in a well-lit area. Natural daylight is usually preferable as it looks much nicer on camera rather than man-made lighting. It’s also best for your child to be standing against a plain background so as not to distract from them. 

2) Secondly, film in landscape mode from about the middle of their stomach to just about their head so we’re close enough to see their face and expressions. Then let your child introduce themselves with their full name, age, and agency (Scallywags!) 

3) Thirdly, if your child has been given lines to audition with, make sure that your child knows them and is confident reciting them. The self-tape is as important as the in-person audition, so we need to show the casting director that your child is prepared and ready to go.
If your child is holding a script in front of them it can become rather distracting and prevents your child from using all of their body as they’re too busy holding the piece of paper.

The same goes for your child reading the script off-screen, as we can still see their eyes moving side to side as they read the script from off camera. The more your child knows the script, the more confident and engaging they’ll be, and this is what draws casting directors in and sets your child apart from the rest.

4) Fourthly, end the video with a nice, ‘thanks for watching!’ or some other farewell. It’s just a nice way to end the video and to show the casting director that your child is polite and someone that they’d want to work with.

Other times an audition tape may just be your child introducing themselves and telling the casting directors a little bit about themselves like their hobbies, or favourite activities. These are just as important as it will show what your child’s personality is like, so make your sure your child is having fun, smiling, and being themselves! The casting directors want to know what they like, but also how they act in front of a camera, so film a few options and then you’ll have some options to choose from.

And of course, a very important part is to make sure that the audition tapes are sent in on time. Casting directors are on very strict time limits, so when they say they need an audition tape it’s better to have it sent in even earlier than the deadline just in case.

For more advice, check out this interview with one of our mums on how they prepare for self-tapes:

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