How We Work

When you first join the creative industry is can be quite overwhelming and confusing, but we’re here to help make it a little easier to understand the ins and outs of this incredible industry, and how an agency works.

                                                                                       What Does An Acting Agency Do?
Once accepted and you’ve paid your fee to become a member of the agency, your child’s profile becomes active in our database.
          When clients approach us with a specific brief, we send them a package of kids who match that brief. For example, if a client requests a girl age 5-6 and your child is a girl age 5-6, she will be put forward for that job. Sometimes they may even request a specific look, such as freckles, blue eyes, long hair – for boys maybe they want one who looks charming/posh, and maybe for girls they want one with a tomboyish look. Client briefs can be extremely specific, so it’s very important to make sure your child’s profile is always up to date and they have a range of good quality photos with different looks.

Once the client receives our suggestions, they will have a look through and come back to us with a list of kids they wish to meet for an audition. Once we receive this list, we contact the parents of those kids by email and text message.

Castings are usually in London and other major cities, after school. We are notified of castings on short notice (often a day or two before). Unless specified, it’s best to attend the casting in casual clothing. Avoid excessive hairstyling, makeup or acrylic/painted nails.
          Once you get to the casting, you’ll be given a casting form which will ask you to list your child’s name, age,
measurements, agent details and any previous work they have done in the past, so it’s best to have all this on hand as a document on your phone.
Castings are usually very quick, with kids booked in 5-10 minute slots. In some cases, you may need to wait
around a bit. Once it’s time for your child to go in, they will meet the casting director (or their assistant) and a photographer.
          If the casting is for a photographic shoot, they will take a few quick photos, and possibly take their measurements and make them try on some clothes. For a commercial or TV/Film casting, you may have to learn a script or answer some questions while being filmed.
          Once the audition is over, the casting director will let us know within 1-7 days who they would like to book for the shoot (or meet for a second casting). If you don’t hear anything after a week or two, it’s safe to assume you were not chosen but please always check with your agent.

As with any job in the working world, It is highly unlikely that your child will be picked for every job they audition for, but please don’t be disheartened by this. Getting invited to audition is a great opportunity in itself, and the more you attend may increase the chances of being booked for something.

                                                                                     The Shoot
Once your child has been confirmed for a shoot, we will notify you immediately. Between this period and the shoot, we will receive details from the client such as the call time and location. These details are usually sent in a finalised document called a call sheet, which lists all the information about the shoot. In many cases, we don’t receive the call sheet until the night before the shoot, so please keep your eyes on your phone and email! 

Once your child finishes a shoot, we send the client an invoice. Our client payment terms are 30 days from the invoicing date. Once we receive payment from the client, a cheque will be posted to you. By default, cheques are addressed to the child, but please let us know if you wish to have the cheque addressed to a parent instead. You do not need to send us your bank details but it’s very important to let us know if your home address changes!

In summary, an agents job is to look at a brief and submit the best-suited kids for the role. So please keep your child’s profile up to date and accurate so we can submit them for even more roles, and hopefully get back to you with an audition date.

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