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Documentary Series

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How to Get an Audition

1) Keep it updated            It’s so important to ensure all the details on your child’s profile are kept up to date. If they’ve developed a new skill, update. If they’ve changed their hairstyle, new photos. And of course, they’re growing Ellipsis
Audition, How To11 March 2019

You Got an Audition – Now What?

No Requirement Most ‘no requirement’ auditions are quick auditions, about 10-15 minutes, and it’s a chance for the casting director to get to know your child, what their personality is like and how well they take direction. Some good ways Ellipsis
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Auditions with a Baby

1) How do you prepare for an audition? We tend to try and stick to normal daily routine same as we would at home take what he needs food and drink wise so his day doesn’t change just where we Ellipsis
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Auditions as a Family

How many family auditions have you done/how many roles have you actually gotten? To date, we have been to 5 family auditions and got 2 🙂 Heathrow airport and Dreams. We came so close on Royal Caribbean and Disney those Ellipsis
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How Can I Prepare?

Acting           If your child is more interested in acting then there are a few things you can do to prepare in the meantime. Monologues – this is a great way to not only get your child to learn memorising long Ellipsis
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What’s a self tape?

1) Firstly, make sure that you’re filming in a well-lit area. Natural daylight is usually preferable as it looks much nicer on camera rather than man-made lighting. It’s also best for your child to be standing against a plain background Ellipsis
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Monologues for Girls

You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
 Sally Brown 
 A ‘C’? A ‘C’? I got a ‘C’ on my coathanger sculpture? How could anyone get a ‘C’ in coathanger sculpture? May I ask a question? Was I judged on the piece Ellipsis
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Monologues for Boys

Lion King Musical Young Simba (boy) Hey Uncle Scar, guess what! I’m going to be king of Pride Rock. My Dad just showed me the whole kingdom, and I’m going to rule it all. Heh heh. I’m gonna be a Ellipsis
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How We Work

What Does An Acting Agency Do? Once accepted and you’ve paid your fee to become a member of the agency, your child’s profile becomes active in our database.           When clients approach us with a specific brief, we send them a Ellipsis