Auditions as a Family

Hannah, Brett and their two children Ashton and Avya, have been successful in quite a few shoots, individually and as a family. We spoke to the Eiman’s to get some tips on how they prepare for an audition, what it’s like to audition as a family, and their experiences on set.

How many family auditions have you done/how many roles have you actually gotten?
To date, we have been to 5 family auditions and got 2 🙂 Heathrow airport and Dreams. We came so close on Royal Caribbean and Disney those were our best auditions!

How does your family lift each other’s spirits if unsuccessful for a role?
We all understand that we will not necessarily get every role we go for but we can say that we do our very best in every audition and if that one wasn’t meant to be then we look forward to the next one!

How do you each prepare for a family audition?
Preparation is key for us. From the minute we get the email and understand the role and the client we all ensure that we are fully aware of potentially what they might ask us to do/ act out. We practice short role plays amongst ourselves based upon previous audition experience!!  We dress to impress and walk in the room with enthusiasm. We are all quite confident and want to do it so that does show and makes it easier:)


What tips can you give to a family who have an upcoming audition?
1- prepare and check your route (ie be on time )
2-Be yourselves
3-Be professional
4-you must all want to take part as a family
5- never let the agency or yourselves down!

5. If you aren’t successful after a family audition, do you do anything different to prep for the next one?
We evaluate every audition, if there is anything we would change we would discuss it. You can sometimes really prep well and they don’t ask what you would expect, being natural and confident is best.

6. What has been your experience with each family audition – what do you do? Does it vary?
Castings Vary depending on the campaign, generally speaking, they will ask the family to act out a scene they have made up or are actually going to use! We all first of all introduce ourselves and then they may take many group pics and individual pics and side profiles.. they ask random questions to the kids about their day and what they like.. they do ask about experience a lot so we think that is key. Remember what you have done and when!

7. In your most recent shoot, Dreams, what was each of your favourite moments?
Mum- Having to act with no rehearsal! Loved being put on the spot and challenged I loved it more than I imagined!
Dad- I loved the whole experience!
Ashton – I loved relaxing in a bed for 2 days!! And the dog!
Ayva – my fav was eating all the popcorn and ice cream!! 🤣

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