How to Get an Audition

Something you’ll hear a lot in this industry is ‘Headshots! Headshots! Headshots!’
This is because your child’s headshots are the most important part of their profile and can be the difference between getting an audition or not. 
So here are the best ways to catch a casting directors attention and get that audition!

1) Keep it updated
           It’s so important to ensure all the details on your child’s profile are kept up to date. If they’ve developed a new skill, update. If they’ve changed their hairstyle, new photos. And of course, they’re growing constantly, so updating those measurements once a month is extremely important.
For babies, as they are growing so fast so often, we suggest updating the height every 2-3 weeks, as well as their shoe size and clothing size.

2) No black and white, accessories or screenshots
          Casting directors want to see quickly and clearly what your child looks like. This can’t be done with black and white photos as it doesn’t show the true colour of the eyes, hair or complexion.
The same goes with accessories such as hats, headbands or glasses. If they are wearing accessories that are obstructing any part of their face or body, the casting director won’t be able to tell what your child looks like as a whole.
Screenshots don’t look professional and can be quite distracting.

3) Keep it close and clear
The best headshots are taken from the middle of the chest to just above the head. This keeps it far enough to get an idea of what the rest of their body looks like, but close enough to clearly see their features and personality. It’s good to have a plain background such as a wall and some good natural lighting. Make sure there are no shadows on their face. Get a few full body shots as well.

4) Get some different looks
          The more looks you have, the easier it is to see your child playing different roles, so the more likely they’ll be called into auditions. When we submit your child’s profile we also submit 3 photos, so you have 3 chances to show your child would be perfect for the role. Make sure that the clothes they wear are neutral without big patterns, words or logos. Try these looks:

  • Smiling nicely with teeth
  • Smiling nicely without teeth
  • Hair up and hair down
  • A big cheeky grin with slightly ruffled hair
  • A neutral faceFor babies, as many smiling photos as possible!

We suggest uploading at least 5 new photos of your child every 1-2 months, to keep the profile up to date, refreshing and interesting. When you upload these new photos, please delete the old ones so we don’t accidentally submit an old photo instead of the new ones. 

If you follow these tips, your child will be getting called in for an audition in no time! 

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