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When looking for an agency, you may come across a lot that sa y you need to get a professional portfolio for your child before you can join. These can vary from £400-£700, sometimes even more!

The photos definitely look good, but the issue with spending this much money on photos for your child, is that they’re still children and they’re continuously growing. This means that in a few months time they’re going to look completely different and you’re going to need to get brand new photos done anyway.
Photos at home can be just as good and effective. If you’re interested in seeing how to take some good quality photos at home, please check out our How We Work blog

Although at home photos can be really good, professional photos can always help your child’s profile stand out more, giving them a higher chance of being called in for an audition. But how can you make sure you’re getting good quality photos without breaking the bank?

First of all, do your research.
Check the photographer’s profiles and the quality of photos that they produce. Check how long each shoot goes for and if there are any outfit changes involved. Check their prices to make sure they’re shown clearly. Check their reviews to see what other people say and what their experience was.
If it feels like it may not be right, it most likely isn’t, so trust your gut!

If all looks good, start asking them questions to make sure there is no confusion.
If you see a good photographer who does mainly black and white photos, contact them before-hand to see if you can get them to do colour photos instead. If they mention a set price for the photoshoot, ask them how many photos you receive at the end/how many are edited/how much does it cost to get extra photos. If it hasn’t specified on their website, ask them if you can get any outfit changes during the shoot and what their thoughts are on what outfits to bring that will flatter your child most.

And again, you don’t need to spend hundreds to get good quality photos, so please see our suggestions of photographers who are good quality and affordable. Feel free to check out their websites or contact them if you have any questions. Once you get some new photos, upload them to your child’s profile, let us know and we’ll start submitting those photos to clients.



£100, 3 retouched images for 1 hour shoot based in South London (SE8 3DX)
020 7523 5325






Vladimir Spirov Photography
£70 for 30 mim – 2 retouched or 5 basically retouched images (cropping, colour corrected) – client’s choice from 40-50.
£130 for 1hour – 5 retouched or 10 basically retouched images – client’s choice from 80-100.
Based in Wembley near Perivale underground station (UB6)
0788 918 1436





Nancy Collins
£70 for 4 edited photos (scallywags special)
07951 013516







LGT Photography
£50 for 10 full edited images. They can purchase the other images £5 each or 5 for £20. Based in Bethnal Green E1 4JE
07468 591 973





Tara Lee Photography
£50 for 5-10 images, 20 minute session
Based in Hornchurch, Essex
07990 517494

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